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Sweet Sisters cakes are created 100% by hand. All piping, detailed scrolling and filigree are created with a pastry bag. This hand-designed craft is losing its position in the art of fine cake decorating. Sugar flowers, chocolate graphics and art are all edible and are hand created.

We do not create sculpted cakes because Chef Karam-Putt believes that this would compromise the quality of her cakes; including the moist, delicate cake layers and fresh fillings and icing options she offers.

Our buttercream icing is made with real butter! Not overly sweet, never gritty or greasy, it is far from the flavorless and rubbery texture of rolled fondant. Using her years of classical icing techniques, Chef Karam-Putt can achieve the exact smoothness of fondant with butter cream.

Sweet Sisters cakes and desserts are made to order fresh and are NEVER frozen. Cakes, cookies and desserts are made from scratch using real butter, eggs, heavy cream, fresh seasonal fruits and minimal amounts of sugar. It is important that cake flavors, fillings and textures compliment each other and enliven our taste buds!

Here is a menu of our always fresh and delicious cake choices.


  • Our cakes are 3 layers of cake with 2 layers of filling. Liquor and nuts are optional.
  • Spongecake - Chocolate or vanilla, lemon or orange scented.
  • Hazelnut, Pistachio or Almond Genoise: Spongecake made with finely ground roasted nuts instead of flour.
  • Devil's Food Cake
  • Carrot, Banana Cake or Fresh Apple Raisin Cake: Nuts optional.
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake
  • Very Light Spice Cake


  • Chantilly Cream: Most Popular. Light and refreshing. Best accompanied by seasonal fruit.
  • Mousse: Belgian dark chocolate, white chocolate, mocha, peanut butter, Amaretto, pumpkin, plus more.
  • Seasonal fruit mousses: Made with ONLY fresh fruit! Raspberry, strawberry, peach, lemon, lemon-orange, lemon-lime.
  • Exotic fruit mousses: Mango, passion fruit, apricot
  • Chocolate Truffle: Rich, dense or whipped light.
  • Orange scented Cream Cheese or Maple Cream Cheese


  • Tahitian Vanilla Butter cream: Made with real sweet butter
  • Ganache: Semi-sweet chocolate glaze.
“There are plenty of bakers out there who can make a beautiful cake using flavorless fondant. You are the only one who I've found who can make not only a beautiful cake, but a delicious cake. Not overly sweet. We could taste the actual flavors of the hazelnut and mango and the pop of the fresh raspberries brought it all together. I would whole heartedly recommend Sweet Sisters Cakes!

- Jacqueline